Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Try and Try Again

This month I signed up for my first swap ever.  This is in keeping with some of the advice I received during my giveaway in order to get more out of blogging.  So when I stumbled across the Rapid and Tiny Zakka Swap group on Flickr during the sign-up period for July, I recognized the opportunity and immediately joined up.

After filling out a little questionnaire about my likes and dislikes (I found this difficult) I received one from my swap partner at the beginning of July.  She basically likes a ton of cool things (retro, 80s, pop culture, color, woodland whimsy, adorableness, felt, etc...I mean, too many to mention but awesome ones) but I was stumped anyway.  Eventually I came up with this:

Needlebook #1, cover
Needlebook #1, inside

 I used a couple of patterns/tuorials for this one.  First, the overall quilt/page/pocket design is from here (although I deviated in size) and the embroidered sewing machine detail is from Makoto's Cross-Stitch Super Collection. Finally, the spool and sewing machine blocks are a free pattern from here.  This was my first paper-pieced block ever and it was fun!  The thing was, although I learned a ton doing it, I really didn't think it ended up A) Tiny or B) Rapid; it's actually kind of bulky and loose.  Also it's GIANT.  Almost 7 inches square.  It's cute, but it wouldn't be very practical for on-the-go projects...

So I started over.

Needlebook #2

If you've wandered around the blog, you might have seen another one of these hexagon needlebooks.  This is the kind I made for my mom on Mother's Day and the kind I use myself, all of the time.  It's compact, portable and gets the job done.  This is what I'm sending to my swap partner.  I hope she wouldn't rather have the giant one.

In any case, I'm mailing it out tomorrow.

Edit: If you'd like to see the needle book I received, it's on Flickr here.

And I signed up today for the August RATZ swap: Name Tags.


  1. Both of those needlebooks are adorable. Your partner is sure to be happy with either one. I'm a new paper piecer too, and am really enjoying it. Once I get back from my summer holidays, I intend to throw myself into my sewing with even more vigor and that includes doing up some of the paper piecing patterns I've been collecting. Thanks for sharing the link to the free patterns.

  2. I second Crafty Tokyo Mama, they are both fantastic, but I will say I LOVE the needlebook I received yesterday! It is too perfect..the shape, the finishing, the details. I actually used to drive a red VW Beetle. Thank you so much, it's truly masterful! Love, love, love it! Also, best swap note ever! Again, thank you!

    1. Marvelous! You've made my first swap experience a total success. Thanks to you!!


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