Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh Knitty - Your Date is Here!

Mer-Man sighting

Knitty Prefers her Men Sweatered
Tell me this isn't the best thing ever.  I found him on page 67 of the Summer 1949 McCall's Needlework magazine which I picked up for 50 cents last week.  "A young man's fancy may turn to mermaids, sailing ships, anchors, water-spouting whales..." indeed!                                                                                              

On the Quilt-Along front.  Blocks 7 and 8 have come along.  I haven't fretted too much about inaccuracies as I go but I do love each and every corner that lines up (for they are few and far between!)

That's enough eye-candy for now.  I'll see you again in August.


  1. That sweater reminds me of some of the things that appear on What Not to Crochet. I know that is a crochet blog, but there used to be a similar knitting blog that is now defunct called "You Knit What?"

    1. I love it! That's the kind of snarky humorI enjoy and that I feel is necessary in order to shop for craft supplies in thrift stores and garage sales. Like someday I'm going to make one of those Barbie dollhouses out of yarn and plastic canvas...


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