Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hanging Out

So here's my block for the Modern Quilt Guild's QuiltCon Block Challenge.  It's the very first block I've ever designed.  The idea is that the six inch center block or "the quilt" can be different every time while the background stays the same.

"Hanging Out" by MissEnota Minnesota

Although I can see a couple of mistakes in the piecing what I really want to know is what anyone thinks about the block itself.  Is it cool?  Should I put borders on the six-inch center block?  Would anybody be interested in a tutorial?  (I have a second version of it that together with this would make a quilt.)


  1. I love it!
    At first I thought that the "block" was just white square. Then I finished reading your description. :)
    Great idea!

  2. Definitely on the cool side! What a great summer design. I think this would make a nice table runner or wall quilt. You are so creative. If you're up to a tutorial I'd like to sew along!

  3. Wonderful. I so love clothes lines in pics. Would make a great fabric postcard.

    1. Thanks! I love clothes lines too. When I was growing up in Montana, my mom dried everything out there...including freeze-drying dad's work jeans on those jean-stretchers. I think that's why I love clothespins so much too. I have an entire Pinterest board committed to clothespin art, craft, and imagery.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I haven't come back to this project since making the first one but I think I'll do something with it in 2013.


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