& About Chips

He's small.  He's ceramic.  He's very pale.  He's Chips the frog.

Are you a member of the Chips fan club?  

I am.  

He's an awesome little guy.  My sewing companion.  My mascot.  My logo.  He brightens my day and makes my cutter cuter.  And really, who doesn't need that?

He didn't start out the center of my universe though.  Here he is in his first photo bomb way back in the spring of 2012 when I still sewed at my kitchen table.

Back then, he wasn't even known as Chips.  Gasp!  I know, I know...horrifying.  But as you can see, he ALWAYS had this very important job, from our very beginning of sewing together, of keeping my Olfa rotary cutter safe, secure and ever ready.  I couldn't resist him at the thrift shop -- or was it a garage sale? -- and staring into his little green eyes, who could?  So whenever and wherever we were THAT DAY, he came home with me and the cutter found its way to him and so it's been ever since.

As for how he got his name?
He was named after the blog.

Which, at first, was just because I love fish and chips. 

And because I had all this Ampersand ribbon.

But Chips kept showing up in the photos... 

...and then he started to star in them.

So now, of course, the blog is named after him.

 And so his legend grows...

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  1. Sounds like Chips is certainly becoming a legend! I'm looking forward to following you both in your sewing adventures :)


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