Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Rollin' Out!  This Blanket Roll Up brought to you by Hustle, my scooter friend.

Well, it's happened.  I designed a project and turned it in to Sew,Mama,Sew! for all the world to see.  The Blanket Roll Up is my offering for the Ready, Set, Go! series this month.  It was actually my suggestion on facebook for the travel theme.  Because of that and because SMS has been such an influence on me this year, I'm so glad I get to participate although I'm embarrassed at my utter lack of tutorial/photographic timing/even sewing skills.  I think it shows that I was pressed for time and didn't allow for a dress rehearsal.

Still, I'm glad I made something real out of my sketchbook.  I actually genuinely like it and think it will be useful.  Even if no one else makes one (but I secretly really, really hope they do!) I will still probably churn out a few more of these babies myself because I think they make perfect accompaniments for travel fun. 

Just think, a baby shower quilt in a matching little roll with a toy or baby supply surprise wrapped up inside?  Or a really thick, luxurious towel with a good book and some sunscreen just waiting for the perfect beach spot?  Or a present for an adventurous kid?  Am I selling it?  I hope so.  If you do make one, I hope you'll come back here to comment and share the glory that is the blanket roll.

Ready, Set, Go!  Can you see my Blanket Roll Up?


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    1. Thanks! That's validating to hear. Now I just hope I get to see some sewn up!

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    1. Compliments for my scooter are even more welcome than compliments for my crafty stuff. Thank you! Sometime I'll put up a picture of my helmet - it's even more impressive. :)

  3. That carrier looks so incredibly handy for a myriad of things, and your rotary cutter holder added the right amount of humor to the photos. Cute!

  4. Giiiiiiirrrlll!!! You just started sewing in January?! Rock on, sista! Popping over from Sew, Mama to check out your blog. Nice, nice work!

  5. Looks like a great tutorial and I hope to make one soon. Never thought about rolling other things into it.....duh
    Looks nice hanging on your bike.

  6. Popped over from SMS I *love* your blanket roll and pinned it to my to-do list! Such a wonderful idea and seems like a really clear tutorial as well. Thank you!

  7. LOVE the blanket roll-up carrying straps! i actually created a Word doc so i could print it out and tuck it into my unfinished picnic quilt project bag..., it's EXACTLY what i was looking for! Thanks!


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