Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hexagami Handiwork

The Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild's current challenge is hand work (MMQG Take it with You.)  Besides embroidery and finishing projects -- stitching up stuffing holes and quilt binding backs -- I don't usually tote around my needlebook and thread but I think I'm up for it.

On Saturday a few of us got together for a Sew-B-Q (a sewing barbeque! Get it?)   Lisa of Pixie Spit played an excellent hostess and we had a lot of fun stitching in the sunshine, getting to know each other, and learning to spray baste with 505 (it's a miracle!)
iHeart Cutebots! and Kaffe Flame Stitch
Then as it got cloudy, we piled into her studio's beautiful stash lair to touch everything!  It was awesome.  She has great taste; she literally doesn't have a single bolt, bundle, or ribbon I don't covet...and that has never happened to me in a LQS. (Take a look at her Etsy shop, Fresh Stash, to see what I mean.)

I did not come home with the Heather Ross -gasp!- but I did pick up a nifty half-yard bundle of Rashida Coleman-Hale's iHeart linen blend and Kaffe Fassett ribbon. (Did you know his name rhymes with "safe assett"?)

Anywho, back to the Q.

Each member received a neat little package of notions from the guild, including punch-cut hexagons in three sizes for English paper piecing, fancy threads (Aurifil 50 weight cotton and Bottom Line 60 weight polyester),  Milliner needles (John James Gold'n Glide sizes 10 & 11), a washable glue stick, Clover Wonder Clips, and a mini charm pack to play with!


This alone makes joining a guild worthwhile because not only do we get free stuff, and support, and advice, and organization... but then we get to see what everyone makes with it (and there are geniuses in this group!)  The challenge reveal isn't until September but in between chewing cookies and sipping beer, I did sew up my very first hexies.  I went with the 3/4 inchers:

Cute, huh?

So I'll admit, since then, I've been working on other things such as the Zakka 2.0 sew along.

But I did get out my trusty sewing kit this morning for a little project I found at Quiltscapes.  The tutorial for Hexagami is here at Riley Blake Designs and the project is very easy; I made mine in about 20 minutes (it really takes less time but I had to pick out fabric, starch it, choose a button, find my hexagon template, etc., etc.)

I started with a 3.25 inch (one short edge) hexagon and it folded down to a 1.5 inch.  Then I added a pin to the back.  I've never tried a method like this but it was just as easy as folding a paper airplane and sewing a button.

If you pressed/starched/cut your hexies ahead of time, these would make a great "Take it with You" project for the summer.

Talk atcha later.

- Kristin


  1. Very nice. Love your guild challenge idea. Primo challenge. Not sure it will fly here though, hand work is minimal.

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean but I think having months to prepare (and the fact that it can be any sort of hand work/any sized project) will help. The real point is to challenge people to stretch their boundaries and try it out. Have you made any hexies?

  2. Loved every bit of your post, including the pronunciation of Kaffe Fassett's name (who knew?)! I've just learned about hexies myself and am totally smitten. This evening I'll finish my first hexie project, a drawstring bag. Fun!

    1. Cheers to finishes!! I'm afraid the most significant thing I'll finish today was this post or maybe my dinner. :)


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