Saturday, March 9, 2013


I noticed a March contest on facebook by JoAnn Fabric called "Create with Eight."  You take eight materials off the list they give you and using only those eight (as well as glue, wire, etc.) make a little something for the contest.

The eight materials I chose (because I already had them on hand) were:

  1. Acrylic paint
  2. Felt
  3. Wooden beads
  4. Chenille stems
  5. Ribbon
  6. Buttons
  7. Unfinished wood shapes
  8. Yarn

So of course I made a clothespin doll couple ready for Oktoberfest...

...Of course I did.

If you like them, please vote for them at the contest on facebook.  It would boost my creative ego.  The voting is now closed.

These took me several hours yesterday and another half hour this morning.  My process went like this: gather supplies, stare at supplies, make drawing, paint, varnish, tie tiny bows, braid yarn hair, glue, cut, stitch, fit, cut, glue, dry, admire.

Creative Process


If you've ever visited my Pinterest boards, you already know I love clothespins/clotheslines so these dolls are a natural extension of several of my fixations including extreme cuteness.

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