Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Made Two New Friends!

These guys have been hanging out in my workbag for awhile!  Meet "Parsley and Beet" from a Ric Rac Pattern.

I still have to finish their clothes but that means you get to see their little button joints and the print on their backs.  They are made from an IKEA flannel receiving they have matching tattoos and are pretty cuddly and soft.

I really enjoyed making them and would just die for the Reuben donkey or Ernst turtle pattern also by Ric Rac.


  1. I love that they are made from a flannel blanket - they must be so soft. I love their tattoos as well.

  2. oops sorry that was me, but I wasn't signed in properly - thanks for adding them to the flickr pool, that's how I found your blog

    1. Wow! A designer visits!!! This is awesome. :) Thanks!

      I really do adore your work.


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