Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pin One On

Well, August is over and I have a little something to show for it.  The RATZ group on Flickr exchanged name tags this time.  I was the first to send one out (some might note - a little too eager.)  I had an entirely other idea prepped but when I got my partner's information I just knew that the color (and suspected the theme as well) was all wrong so I whipped up this little truck badge out of the new Madrona Road  fabric from Violet Craft.

 I did wonder if it would be considered cheating to eliminate the binding but I really like the way the frayed edge looks with the little red truck and also how lightweight and unobtrusive the badge would be to actually wear.

People keep telling me not to worry about the quilt police but I can't help it; they scare me!

To construct the badge, I simply layered the backing fabric, stabilizer, cotton batting and the front print.  I started out with slightly larger pieces and used a tight zig zag stitch around the outside.  Then I trimmed the excess fabric to 1/8" and frayed it a little with my fingers.

My swap partner, Ellie, is the talented lady behind Craft Sew Create.
Of course I had to include an ampersand for &Chips on the flip side.

A couple of weeks later I came home from Labor Day weekend to discover this little treasure waiting for me in the mailbox.  It was made by Whitney from the Peacock Tree.

I love it.  It is also not too bulky to wear and I adore the colors and print mix and applique.  Especially I appreciate the bold lettering so it will be a shining of example of both form and function -- so Zakka.  I plan to wear this to my quilt guild meetings as I don't think too many of the members know my name yet.

I consider this swap another success and am terribly disappointed there isn't a September swap.  Suggestions for future swaps include cup cozies, mug rugs and coasters, fabric baskets, bracelets/cuffs, notebook covers as well as my suggestion: luggage tags.  I hope oh I hope it will start back up again soon.

Madrona Road and some recent additions to the play room.


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