Friday, May 11, 2012

Minnesota, Puppies, and Spring Time

If you haven't made the connection by my monicker, I live in Minnesota.  I was born in Montana and moved here when I was in middle school, then I married a guy from depending on who asks, I have different answers about where I'm from.

I have nothing but LOVE for Minnesota.  While I've found every place I've ever lived or spent time or visited hospitable (which is a lot of places since I served for 9.5 years in the Army and Army National Guard), Minnesota offers a ton of things to do, all four seasons in full glory, and fishing year round.  I should offer up that I live near enough to the Twin Cities to enjoy restaurants, museums, and shows but far enough away that I can experience small town living and farm country commutes.  Even though the years whip by faster and faster, spending time looking at the sky and experiencing the weather is an incredible pleasure.

Here is yet another "Pin-spired" project (using a couple of tutorials: here and here.)  The nail art took about an hour on Thursday.  (We took a little road trip to Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma last Thursday through Tuesday.)   Since then, I've finished the two dachshund  puppies on the right.
Dixie and... "Moxie" or "Lee"? What do you think?

Our good friends (so good they let us get married at their house) have a miniature wiener dog named Max who is the softest, nicest, most cuddly dog in the universe.  Also, Cities 97, a local radio station that used to be "the stuff" (remember when "Alternative" music was all the rage?) issued a compilation CD in 1997--on which, my favorite song is "Dixie the Tiny Dog."  Those two things, as well as the fact that I just happened to find a McCall's 1810 vintage pattern at my local thrift shop as well as an "As is" brown velvet curtain at IKEA all came together to make this production possible.

You may have gathered, thus far, the random pattern of my process.  This is how I sew and how I do most things.

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