Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pillow Talk Times Two

Hello! It's me again...making pillows again.  First off, I'll waste a line or two of type to say how I lament leaving the blog so long and how sorry I am to notice that this trend is growing with tons of bloggers I admire and follow.  We're decamping blogs and Flickr in droves for Instagram which I love but which is such a limited platform to interact and understand process.

So of course, I'm posting two photos I took with Instagram.

I made two pillow covers to spruce up my living room using Anna Maria Horner velveteen from her LouLouthi fabric line and backed them with Minky Cuddle 3.  The minky was a mis-order from - it's labeled "hot pink" but it's such a pale color it just wasn't what I had in mind for the project I intended it -- but it's also too soft and cuddly to waste.

I had green nylon zippers on hand in approximately the right size and I love the contrast they add even if practically no one but me will notice them.  The inner cushions are FJÄDRAR 20" squares from IKEA ($6 for feathers!)

If you're wondering about sewing with minky, it was easy.  I searched for tips online and so I did sew with the minky on bottom using a walking foot (except for the zipper installation which was normal.  The only difference was that as I worked with it, the minky stretched a tad and ended up being more of a rectangle than a square.  I simply stitched using the velveteen as my guide and trimmed the excess Minky before turning the cover right side out.  I also used tons of pins (about ever 1.5 inches) as well as a ballpoint needle on the advice of the gal who sold me the velveteen.  Everything worked like a charm and I'm eager to make more projects with these super soft fabrics.

I hope to continue to post about my projects here but feel free to come find me on IG these days (I'm @Missenota there.)  I'm badly in need of a new computer  and so even interacting with my favorite software and programs is difficult these days on an older Mac operating system.  Until then, the phone will have to suffice.

Are you sprucing up the home for springtime? I'd love to hear about it.

Keep stitchin'


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