Friday, May 9, 2014

Coaster Swap

Turns out Mother's Day came early.  Mom and I both made a set of quilted coasters for last night's Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild swap.  Then we reached into the pillowcase and pulled out eachothers' sets.  So she got these:

And I got these:

(Mom loves Tula Pink.)

Last month, I had to miss our guild meeting because I had concert tickets.  Alyssa Thomas had a trunk show and I missed it but mom -that sweetie!- got an autographed copy of Sew & Stitch Embroidery for me.

So that's how I was inspired to use a free Penguin and Fish embroidery pattern (the one you get for subscribing to the  email newsletter) for the little animals on my coasters.  Stitched on Essex linen, backed with Indian Summer, and pepped-up with some scraps -- including Carolyn Friedlander's Ledger, my very favorite print in the world.

These were so easy to make and reminded me how much I love hand embroidery.

So guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

Word to your mothers!


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