Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spearing not Sewing

This is one of the things I do when I'm not in my sewing room.

Spearfishing in Minnesota
Edit: I realized this isn't much information to go on...just a terrible cellphone photo so I'll explain.  I live in Minnesota and go fishing in the summer and in the winter.  Usually, for ice fishing, I drill a hole with an auger and drop in a line with a bobber and wait for a bite.  This is different, this is spear fishing.  Basically, you cut a television-sized hole in the ice and cover it with a windowless room (called a darkhouse but sometimes it's just a tent.)  Then you sit, leaning over the hole a little, holding a multi-pronged spear attached to a rope and waiting for a northern pike to be interested enough in your decoy to come visit.  Then, if you see a fish and you want to eat that fish, you stab it.

Here is a short video I made, showing a northern pike interested in my decoy:

And here is a northern pike afterward:

And last, here are some darkhouses:

That's my loving spouse, his high water bibs, and the ice from the hole.

I realize that this has nothing to do with what I usually blog about here and that it might not be your cup of tea but it's pretty interesting and I wanted to share.  That's my grandfather's spear and those are my dad's darkhouses. I grew up hunting and fishing and we eat everything we take.  I used to be less interested but the older I get (and certainly after the stress of war) I really enjoy spending the time outside, the quiet, and being attentive.   For me, it's akin to what I get out of sewing.  Not only is the process both stimulating and relaxing but the outcomes are so delightful! 


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    1. None. But we saw a couple of nice-sized northern pike and a walleye. Everything was swimming really close to the bottom...which is odd for northerns. The cold snap affected them maybe? In any case, the lake is teaming with little perch and minnows so that's good.


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