Saturday, March 29, 2014

All Stuffed with Fluff

I've been making little projects here and there lately including some soft friends.  The first was a lamb made from this free Abby Glassenberg pattern I found at Sew, Mama, Sew!  I could not resist the sweet sheep and so I started stitching right away.

Afterward, I brought the newly dubbed, Duchess Lambette to show-and-tell at the March meeting of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild.  I'm glad I did as when I mentioned that this was my first time sewing with Minky fabric, Kristin L. handed me a little green remnant from the free table to take home.

On St. Patrick's Day, that little green scrap turned into this.  Meet Shamrock.  This was my own design although I feel a little silly mentioning that as it was very easy to draw a silhouette, make a face, and then stitch along the line.  Cut.  Stuff. Presto! A plush pal is born.

Sewing softies with Minky is not too difficult as long as you are careful with all the loose fibers released when cutting.  I recommend keeping a vaccuum handy or even cutting and shaking outdoors.

The break in actual quilting came about since I've been seriously considering the purchase of an easy feed (sometimes called "walking foot") for my sewing machine.  I became a little frustrated while stitching a somewhat-heavy, quilted design wall (more about that in a future post!)

Until then, Ta Ta for now!


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