Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Add Panache to Your Printables

Wandering around the blogosphere, I've fallen for a few fancy free Valentines this year from two of my favorite artists.  The first is a set of four postcards from Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple.  I love everything about them: the whimsy, the classic mottos, and the playfully weird vibe.  I happen to have a thing for not only banner tattoos, but also bears and Humpty Dumpty.  (If you are likewise inclined, may I recommend: this William H. Beard painting and this Jasper Fforde novel.)

Another Valentine I could not resist was this free offering from Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber.   I love, love, love her animal prints and pillow renderings...especially their stitchy texture fur.  As a fan, I feel lucky that these artists are so generous with their work.

A great way to find cards like these (as well as paper dolls, fold toys, gift tags and more) is to search Instagram, Pinterest, etc. with the word "printable."  And it should go without saying but please obey their rules, these are both clearly marked for personal use only.

I printed them out onto some cream Canson paper - from my stash - which really subdued some of the pastel colors but still looks lovely (did I mention it was free?)  To spice it up, I added some easy machine stitching around the main design.

But I didn't have any envelopes the right size so I made one up...and then I thought, maybe somebody else would like to do this too.  So I'm going to call this a tutorial although really it's just a quick tip.

To make a simple envelope: 



Take a full-sized sheet of paper fold in the sides to the with of your card.  Then fold up the bottom third and fold down the top (making sure there is room for your card inside.)  I used my hera marker and ruler to score the paper first so that my folds would lie nice and flat.

For finishing, you could use a sticker but to get real fancy you can make a string tie closure.

Just sew two buttons from your stash (I used a doubled piece of strong, hand quilting thread.)

On one of the buttons, either leave a long tail of the thread you used to sew them on with or tie on a short piece of pretty string.

To close, just make a figure 8 (for infinite love!) over the two buttons and you're all done!

Sign & Seal

That's it.  You're done! Let me know if you find this idea useful and of course,

have a Happy Valentine's Day!



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  1. That bunny!!! I love rabbits, very cute template/diy!


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